Bringing together our design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment

Successful design-build delivery requires experienced professionals, exceptional communication, full team integration, and a commitment to working collaboratively — all hallmarks of our company for over four decades.

Design-Build is a method of construction in which the design and construction of a building are contracted and controlled from one source – the Design-Builder. Whereas traditional construction methods require the client to serve as a referee/mediator between the general contractor and the architect, Design-Build construction allows for a single point of accountability, thereby creating a more organized and controlled project. This process helps prevent unnecessary delays in schedule and added construction costs due to unforeseen design discrepancies typical of traditional construction when plans are designed well in advance.

Combining the function of an architect, engineer and construction manager into a single entity, Skepton Construction’s design–build services provide an integrated approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project. And, at Skepton Construction, we not only accept the accountability required by the Design-Build process, we embrace it as a means to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Key benefits of Design-Build

  • Single point of responsibility for design and construction
  • Single point of accountability and contact for the client
  • Risk is shifted to the design-builder, reduced risk for the client
  • Client is able to select the contractor and engineer based on qualifications and historical success
  • Project cost is determined based on a budget, not when the bids come in
  • Projects are completed faster than conventional design-bid-build
  • Constructability is built into the project, resulting in lower costs and higher quality

NCC 1 - Skepton Construction
The Skepton Construction Design-Build process

Step 1: Build qualified team

  • Ensure team is familiar with type of construction
  • Ensure team is familiar with area
  • Ensure team understands owners’ needs
  • Ensure team members are compatible
  • Identify team leaders and chain of command

Step 2: Decide where and what to build

  • Establish goals, needs and function of project
  • Prepare design program
  • Evaluate the existing site conditions
  • Identify pertinent building codes, permits and zoning regulations
  • Prepare and evaluate a preliminary project schedule
  • Review written design program with owner

Step 3: Prepare rough sketches

  • Generate schematic designs that meet the issues and requirements of the programming phase
  • Select best design with owner
  • Generate outline specification based on selected design
  • Establish rough preliminary cost estimate for project
  • Review design scheme with owner

Step 4: Refine the design

  • Prepare final drawings for owner and permit
  • Coordinate final site, architectural and structural drawings and specifications
  • Map drawings for construction phase and pricing
  • Review with owner and team for approval
  • Submit site drawings to governing jurisdictions for permits

Step 5: prepare final designs and drawings

  • Design at this point is essentially complete
  • Architect / Engineering prepares construction documents for final pricing and construction
  • Schedule final review with owner
  • Send project documents out for final pricing
  • Submit project documents for building permits

Step 6: Begin construction

  • Ensure permitting process is complete and all permits are in hand
  • Award subcontracts
  • Begin and monitor construction
  • Schedule regular Owner / Team meetings throughout the construction process
  • Coordinate final inspections
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Complete project punch-list

Step 7: Coordinate occupancy / closeout

  • Assemble a usable/complete set of closeout documents and transmit to owner
  • Corrdinate and install owner furniture
  • Review building systems with owner and team
  • Obtain final releases
  • Review final budget with owner



Arthur M. Berkowitz

President / JE Berkowitz, LP

"The quality, attention, exceeded our expectations, and of course, the project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget."

William R. Gretton III

Assistant Superintendent of Operations / Centennial School District

"...Everyone involved understood from the start that this project was going to challenge each of the contractors to perform at their highest level in order to meet the schedule and regulation limitations. Skepton Construction met all of these challenges..."

James F. Shearouse

Director of Maintenance / East Stroudsburg Area School District

"I would like to thank your firm for the quality and efficiency of your performance in the execution of the District's many construction projects. All projects presented their unique challenges and were completed on time and within budget..."

James F. Dunleavy

Vice President of Finance & Operations / Northampton Community College

"...The onsite personnel of Skepton had done a great job in keeping all parties up to date throughout the construction process. The project workmanship has been excellent and all issues have been addressed in a timely manner. They are very accessible from their on-site team all the way to their senior leadership. They are true problem solvers..."

John Linnane

Project Engineer / ABB Measurement & Analytics

Skepton Construction worked tirelessly to ensure this project was a success. They were always willing and able to work through any obstacle this project presented. Every member of their team used their extensive knowledge and experience to drive this project to completion.

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