Student and Campus Community Facilities

Student Life Facilities
Bangor High School: Auditorium

The Bangor High School auditorium project was a 27,200 square foot project that consisted of the construction of a two-story auditorium building addition with associated paved parking lots, utilities and underground stormwater management facility.

Cedar Crest College: Auditorium

The Cedar Crest College auditorium project consisted of major renovations to the Alumnae Auditorium at the college. The 525 seat auditorium received new flooring, ceiling, paint and upgraded A/V and IT equipment. The exterior shell of the sound booth, located at the rear of the auditorium, was reconfigured so that the users could maximize its functionality as well as to blend into the rear wall. The original metal seating was restored with a new black finish, padding and upholstery. ADA seating areas were added to bring the space up to code.

The Lobby was originally a 15-foot wide corridor with two bathrooms and faculty offices. The bathrooms were renovated with new tile flooring and toilet partitions, and an additional toilet was added to the women’s restroom. The two offices located along the Lobby were demolished and the lobby was expanded to include a new seating area, art display walls and wood paneling. The expansion of the Lobby added an additional 600 square feet to the space.

Cedar Crest College: Black Box Theater

The Cedar Crest College black box theater project consisted of major renovations to what was formerly known as The Little Theater, which served the college as a traditional black box theater and classroom. In order to maximize its use for the college, the space was gutted and new and additional seating was added, black-out curtains were installed, a new HVAC system was designed for the space and new AV and IT equipment were added along with new flooring and paint.

Cedar Crest College: Dining Commons

The Cedar Crest College dining commons project consisted of a renovation of an existing 6,000 square foot dining facility located in Tompkins Hall at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. Skepton Construction served as Construction Manager on this project. The dining facility was constructed while classes were in session in a fully occupied building. This $800,000 renovation incorporated high-end finishes including ACG wood panel ceilings, Nanawall glass folding partitions, Terrazzo floors and a European style 360-degree fireplace.

Cedar Crest College: Residence Hall

The Cedar Crest College residence hall project consisted of renovations to Curtis Hall, a mixed-use building which houses offices and classrooms on the lower level and first floor, and a residence hall on the third floor. The renovations to the approximately 7,000 square foot residence hall took place during the academic year while the building was still occupied with classes and meetings.

The renovations consisted of the creation of two new lounges – one for the graduate residents and one for the undergraduate residents, a second laundry facility and a computer lounge with a student collaboration station. All three bathrooms received new tile shower stalls along with upgraded toilet partitions and accessories. The common areas and individual student rooms received new LVT, carpet and paint. The original terrazzo tiles were repaired and restored to their original shine.

Central Bucks South High School: Auditorium

The Central Bucks South High School auditorium project consisted of new construction of a high school on the Central Bucks South School District’s 79-acre site. The project included many unique features and innovations such as centrally located support facilities including cafeteria, art, family and consumer service and industrial technology, 2 gymnasiums, an 8-lane competition pool that accommodates 500 spectators, an 800-seat auditorium with full fly gallery and a full-service shared media center.

State-of-the-art equipment and attractive, well-organized interiors facilitate study, athletic and performing arts endeavors. The media center offers ample study space at computer workstations, team tables and study carrels. Tall windows and clerestories provide abundant light. Interior design features inspired by local architectural vernacular, like heavy timber ceilings and brick walls, furnish visual interest and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Building materials include brick, precast detailing and heavy timber elements.

Northeast Middle School Auditorium

The Northeast Middle School auditorium project consisted of 3-phases to replace the existing Northeast Middle School with a new, 165,000 square foot middle school. The existing middle school building remained operational while the new building was being constructed.

Shawnee Middle School (Easton)

The Shawnee Middle School project consisted of multiple phases to expand the existing middle school from 174,000 square feet to 549,000 square feet to house 5th – 8th-grade levels. Highlights of the project include a 1750-seat auditorium, a 3000-seat gymnasium, a television studio and kitchen facilities.

Upper Dublin High School

The Upper Dublin High School project consisted of three phases in order to keep the students on campus and in portions of the existing building as new additions and construction progressed.

Phase one of the project included the athletic wing and was completed in December 2009. This area consisted of the main gymnasium with seating for 1,500 spectators, a natatorium with a 10-lane, 35-meter swimming pool and expanded balcony seating area, an auxiliary gymnasium, a weight training/fitness room, a wrestling room and trainer/team rooms in the locker area.

Phase two of the project included the academic wing and was completed in January 2011. The academic wing featured full wireless access, 45 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, a media center/library, a guidance suite with administrative offices, expanded science lab facilities and a state-of-the-art technology forum room for large group instruction and video conferencing.

Phase three of the project included the auditorium and a visual/performing arts wing and was completed in August 2012. This area consisted of the auditorium, a black box theater, rehearsal areas for the band, chorus, and orchestra, performing arts classrooms, a television studio and administration offices.

The new school features enhanced music spaces, enlarged performing-arts facilities, expanded science labs, an expanded swimming pool facility, additional physical education facilities, up-to-date technology, greater safety and improved heating and cooling systems.

The project achieved LEED-Gold certification in lieu of the projected Silver. Green features include a geothermal system with 305 wells 400 feet deep, heat recovery units, lighting control with occupancy sensors, reflective coating on the roofs and 3-inch sprayed insulation on the exterior walls.

Skepton Construction demolished the former high school to make way for the new high school and recycled all materials. Concrete-related waste was crushed on site and used as fill and to construct the new building pad.