Our heritage is strong like our work ethic

From day one, Franklin envisioned building a construction business specializing in commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects with a long history of completing jobs ahead of schedule and within budget.

And he did just that.

Frank Founder - Skepton ConstructionAfter a successful beginning in the construction industry as a carpenter, later working his way up to Job Superintendent, Franklin E. Skepton founded Skepton Construction in 1971.

Over the past 50 years, Skepton Construction has built many private projects and over 70 schools with a range of estimated project costs of $70 million plus.

Skepton’s rich tradition of building schools has allowed for our company’s progression into commercial work – a successful transition thanks to our unwavering dedication to meeting schedules and tight budgets.

Today, Skepton Construction is a full service commercial construction company capable of taking on any type of project across many industries.

We’re a modern commercial construction company with old-school values and beliefs.