Maximizing construction ROI with pre-engineered buildings

From offices, schools and churches to warehouses and low-rise commercial spaces, pre-engineered buildings are gaining popularity among various organizations looking to reimagine existing structures or break ground for new ones.

Maximizing construction ROI with pre-engineered buildings

Cutting costs with pre-engineered buildings

Opting to incorporate a pre-engineered steel building system into a build brings a host of benefits:

  • Pre-engineered buildings are driven by technology; this makes them customizable, and enables clients to make decisions or request changes later in the project than conventional construction would allow.
  • Pre-engineered buildings are manufactured off-site, which not only provides greater flexibility with labor, but also significantly reduces disruption to the existing site. Schools, churches, offices and other types of businesses can carry on their daily operations for more of the project’s duration as the steel building is constructed off site. When fabrication is complete, the components are transported to the site and erected.
  • Perhaps most significantly, the reduced construction timeline, greater control of labor costs and lower cost of design and manufacturing of pre-engineered buildings make them a cost-effective choice for many clients.

Maximizing construction ROI with pre-engineered buildings

Long-term benefits of pre-engineered buildings

In addition to the more immediate benefits of reduced cost, minimal disruption to daily functions at the site, a shorter construction timeframe and greater flexibility, pre-engineered buildings continue to provide a solid return on investment long after construction is complete.

The steel of pre-engineered buildings requires much less maintenance than more conventional constructions and does not fall victim to the costly damages from mold, termites or other pests that can compromise wooden buildings.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are also highly durable. Clients spend less on repairs from damages due to weather, pests, natural disasters and other issues, and oftentimes less on insurance for property that includes a steel building system.

The construction of pre-engineered steel buildings also allows for optimal space within the walls for high-quality insulation, cutting down on heating and cooling costs over time.

Finally, pre-engineered buildings are much easier to expand upon as the business or organization grows, enabling much more cost-effective remodels and additions as needed in the future.

Maximizing construction ROI with pre-engineered buildings

The many benefits of pre-engineered buildings make them a budget-friendly choice for a wide range of clientele including municipalities, businesses and educational institutions. Skepton Construction has extensive experience in designing and constructing pre-engineered steel building systems for diverse clients, enabling them to maximize the return on their construction investment and enjoy a space that will continue to serve them with efficiency and durability for years to come.